Quit Studying the Bible

I wish I could get people to stop studying the Bible. Why? Because our approaches to studying the Bible are not good. I wish I could get everyone to stop studying and start reading the Bible. Read it and read it. Read it as you would other books. The Bible is primarily a collection of stories, histories and letters. It was meant to be read. Paul wanted his letters to the churches to be read. When they were read by one church, he wanted them read to other churches. I can’t imagine the Roman believers interrupting the reader of the letter Paul sent them every sentence or so to stop and study what he just said. No! They listened to the whole letter read in its entirety.  Then they probably listened to it again.

How do we typically study the Bible?  I think most people join a Bible study that is working through a topic where they jump from verse to verse, book to book, reading things out of context and drawing conclusions.  I think we do this because it is easier than reading the whole Bible in a systematic way.  I think we do this because it helps us avoid passages of scripture that are boring, difficult or even uncomfortable.

But God has revealed himself in the whole of the scriptures.  We need to learn to read it in order to know him.  This blog is all about helping you READ the Bible.

What do you think? Do you have a plan to read through the Bible in a systematic way?

5 Responses to Quit Studying the Bible

  1. So do I have to become a member of wordpress to “like” this?

  2. great thoughts, Jim. I agree. One of the best things I’ve started doing is reading the Bible in chunks and maintaing flow while I read. It brings so much more context and clarity to what I’m reading.

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