Are you looking for a way to jump-start your devotional life, while at the same time digging into a meaningful Bible study?  Maybe you have tried to use SOAP in your devotions and find it difficult to get the hang of it.  Why not embark on a devotional journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians?  Below is everything you need to do this:

  1. Click here to open and print the “40 Days of Philippians” document.
  2. Read the “Introduction to Philippians” at the beginning of the document.
  3. Everyday for the next 40 days read and/or listen to Philippians all the way through.  This should only take 15-20 each day.
  4. Each day follow the daily devotional thoughts and fill in your own personal application and prayers.

The daily devotional thoughts in the “40 Days of Philippians” follow the SOAP format and cover every verse in Philippians.  Give it a try.  It will change the way you do devotions and Bible study.

When you complete your “40 Days of Philippians,” then take the next step with the “35 Day Challenge.”

2 Responses to 40 DAYS OF PHILIPPIANS

  1. Yulia says:

    I was lucky enough to come acrcsos this site as I am preparing a Bible study on Scripture memorization. In my mind the spiritual maturity that Paul speaks about seemed mainly to deal with reading and memorizing God’s word to us. I am sad to think I let my understanding of this issue be so narrow. Just reading this made me realize that just one of these habits can’t stand alone. Even though memorization is the topic of my study I need to show how how each of them work together to grow a mature, spiritual believer.I am so thankful the Lord led me here. I know I will be blessed the deeper I study these habits(and scriptures). Thank-you for providing a new understanding

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