Welcome to My Blog

With all the Bible resources available today and the growing number of really great apps for Bible study, I have noticed there is a growing confusion with regard to how to read and study the Bible.  Where do people begin? How should they approach the Bible?

With this blog I want to provide practical help to people who want to read and understand the Bible better.  My passion is to see people be drawn into a closer walk with the Lord. I believe that God’s Word is essential for this.

This blog will be a combination of basic instruction on how to best read the Bible, some personal devotional thoughts from my own reading and meditations, and some occasional commentary on selected passages of scriptures.  My purpose in posting meditations and commentary is to demonstrate application to one of my instructional posts.  This blog is not designed to teach or impart my theology.

I typically post 2-3 times a week.  You are invited to engage the discussion, ask questions, or tell me how I can help you with your Bible reading.

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